I have been working as a lay counselor for ten plus years. I recieved my professional license, June of 2016,I am enjoying the joy and priviledge of helping those disiring to work on the person that God intended when He created them. I hold a MA in Christian Counseling as a Certified Temperament Counselor with certificates in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy ,and Ethics. 

I recieved my degree through Pillsbury/Scarbourgh College and Seminary, located in Bridgton Mo. Licensing is through the National Association of Christian Counselors, NCCA, located in Sarasota Florida. My Pastoral License is through the National Conservative Christian Church, NCCC. I'm also a member of The American Association of Christian Counselors AACC.  

My desire to help others struggling with life issues stems from my own long and victorious journey. 
The soul is made up of the Mind, Will, and Emotion, When we are abused it effects all the areas of the soul, it is from these abuses that we learn self protective behaviors and abusive ways, both to self and to others. As a Temperament Therapist  I will administer a simple 54 question test that will help me as your counselor as well as you the counselee to better undertstand how God designed you. You will learn about both strengths and weaknesses and how past abuse has affected how you are living your life today and how to work through those painful areas to become who God designed you to be. This can be a painful journey but well worth the work.

While our soul is Mind,will, emotion, we are made up of Body, Soul, Spirit, and must remember that each part effects the other. I do talk about this in our sessions and we will collectivly look at how you are caring for all three.